Posted by: Administrator | January 3, 2011

Farmers Waiting Since April for Vital Assistance

*Minister Urged to Pay Grassland Sheep Scheme* 

KERRY County Councillor, Brendan Griffin, has requested that the Minister for Agriculture, Brendan Smith, would immediately prioritise the issuing of the Grassland Sheep Scheme payment to Sheep farmers.

The scheme, which pays €10 per ewe to sheep farmers up to a cap of €2,200, was announced in April of 2010 but to date, no payment has issued to farmers.

Councillor Griffin says that this is a much needed payment for farmers at present, particularly because of the harsh weather conditions of late.

“Many farmers have contacted me about this matter and some have reported severe cash flow difficulties as a result of having to spend up to twice as much as normal on feed to keep their sheep alive.

“I have contacted the Minister’s Office, requesting that action would be taken immediately to ensure no further delay in the payment of hard pressed farmers.

“It is unacceptable that farmers are still awaiting payment of a scheme that was announced last April”.

For further info please contact Brendan on 087 652 8841

Note: The following link will take you the Minister’s Press Release (April 7th 2010), which announced the scheme.,41149,en.html



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